Readings – The Wheel of Segais as a divination tool

The Wheel of Segais Personal Reader Kit

In order to help you become more familiar with the wisdom contained in the Wheel of Segais, I have put together a Personal Reader Kit. This contains a copy of the Wheel of Segais on which to do your casting; a Personal Reader Guide to help you interpret the layout; nine hazelnuts for casting (plus a couple of extras in case you lose one or two) and a notebook and pen to record your personal reading.

The Wheel of Segais is a way to understand the cycle of all things be it a project, an intention, a goal, a life, a relationship, a business. All have their seasons. It is based on the innate order of all things, as the great wheel of the year spins and all things within the cycle have their place and can be used to highlight positive helpers and insights/answers to any question.  It works with ‘guardians’, past lessons, present indicators, future possibilities and your own wisdom. It can be used on its own, or with a divination card (Tarot, Oracle, etc.) that can be dawn at the end of a reading for clarity.

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Wheel of Segais Personal Reader Kit

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“Really wonderful, I am so pleased to have discovered this, what a truly excellent vision of yours.”

“Amazingly accurate, astonishing similarity of themes through some of the ‘quick-fire’ question readings. And it was fun.”

“It’s a great tool to help one see more psychological options so allows for deeper self-reflection. ”

“… It was pretty amazing to see it play out and by the end of each reading I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of detail that resulted in the answer. ”