“What a wonderful divination tool you have manifested!  I very much appreciate your sharing of its years of gestation prior to the inspiration you received to jump out of bed and begin drawing and the wheel’s subsequent evolution.  Your story provided a lovely illustration of several of the concepts you expressed as you explained the different parts of the wheel.  I also appreciate the three examples provided with your generous reading of Irene, Brie, and my casts.  They illustrated nicely ways in which the different parts of the wheel offer illumination and clarity to questions asked and guidance given…”

“I just wanted to thank you for your reading from the Well of Segais. It was exactly what I wanted to hear! I gave myself a year of joyful celebrations for turning 60 in December and was starting to look ahead. The thought of a 12 year nurturing phase with increasing delegation makes perfect sense. The Well of Segais is truly you. It’s a wonderful divining tool. I felt very honoured, and being exactly one cusp behind you, your advice was especially poignant and something I shall treasure…”

“Thank you so much Pamela for doing this reading for me. That is a great reading and it will spur me on. . . exactly the right time for me. I think that the Wheel Of Segais is an amazing tool. It is a great insight into our hidden strengths and the innate abilities that we do not necessarily know that we have. It will make a difference to many lives…”

“I watched your Wheel of Segais introduction last night and felt uplifted and inspired by the experience.  Thank you for sharing your passion...”

“Pamela you did a Wheel reading for me and it was so spot on I was absolutely amazed – wow!!”

“Really wonderful, I am so pleased to have discovered this, what a truly excellent vision of yours.”

“Just a very quick and inadequately written thank you for your time and energy. Everything in your reading provided me with the reassurance and guidance I needed. Thank you thank you thank you!”

“The answers I got to my questions were pretty amazing. As I followed the sequence described in interpreting a reading, the answers revealed themselves. It was pretty amazing to see it play out and by the end of each reading I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of detail that resulted in the answer. ”

“Perfect timing as there is a major transition happening in my life and the Wheel helped to give me courage, reassurance and confidence to move on from full time work to a step of faith. The Wheel also gave me courage to discern and choose wisely the many options being offered. It is a wonderful tool and very positive in its approach. It pulls out strengths which is a very refreshing model of counseling and offers courage to move ahead. ”

“I enjoyed my experience with the Wheel and, as a user of tarot and astrology, I found it gave a pleasing other dimension to the question asked. The layers of the Wheel seemed to answer the question from many different dimensions – past. present and future of the situation as well as inner knowing, everyday life and external guidance. ”

“It’s a great tool to help one see more psychological options so allows for deeper self-reflection. ”

“The Wheel provided really useful insights and helped me to gain perspective on the questions I had. I found the suggestion to pair it with a ‘final card’ for clarity rounded out the reading well and helped me to sum up/conclude.”

“Amazingly accurate, astonishing similarity of themes through some of the ‘quick-fire’ question readings. And it was fun. ”

“Very interesting and opened my eyes to my strengths and positive actions in the areas round my question. ”